Your desire to live well should not be a chore. 

I can help you take control of your lifestyle and feel good about your wellness

All while enjoying the process. 

I’m passionate about serving busy professionals in their rise to live a healthy & happy life.

Because what you’re up to in your career is impactful. The world needs you. And I want to make sure you have the strength, energy, and desire to continue your influential rise for years to come. 

And that all begins with having a plan. 


Here’s our process to ensure you receive the best experience, along with glowing results:


You and I get crystal clear on your intentions. Whether it’s weight loss, meditation, energy, nutrition, improved sleep -or any other wellness desire- together, we will pinpoint your intentions and why it’s important to you. Not sure what your top priority is? I’ll help you identify it as we evaluate your future goals. 


Step 01.


Here’s our process to ensure you receive the best experience, along with glowing results:


Our first stop on your wellness journey is the Wellness Assessment through Wellcoaches. Unfamiliar with this accreditation? It was the first health and wellness coaching school in the country and now a global standard-bearer for professional coaches in wellness and healthcare. It was created by the co-founder and co-director of the Institute for Coaching at McLean Hospital - an affiliate of Harvard Medical School. At this level, you and I will bring light to why your goal is important to you, with an action plan that complements your lifestyle, as you begin to implement weekly actions into your days. 


Step 02.


Here’s our process to ensure you receive the best experience, along with glowing results:


Change, grow, and thrive - it all begins to unfold in this phase. Your new actions will become automatic, as muscle memory takes over. You know those no-brainer daily rituals like brushing your teeth? That’s how natural your new healthy actions will become. Plus, the strategic and empowering support, high-level innovation, and accountability you receive every step along the way will become a backbone for your success. Go you!


Step 03.

Start Over

Here’s our process to ensure you receive the best experience, along with glowing results:

Sustainable Lifestyle Change

Your results become palpable. Long-term behavior change is your new mantra - you’ve hit your goal, and the results are glowing: improved health, well-being, and quality of life. In our final stage, you are confidently set up for lifelong success.


Step 04.

Alongside your #1 prioritized goal, you can also expect the following results to ride shotgun in your success: 

Feeling at peace & in control of your day

Increased productivity at work

Heightened energy and empowered daily decisions 

Consistency and structure to your regimen 

Superior satisfaction with your daily, monthly, and yearly accomplishments

Habitually Healthy Action Plan

3-month coaching

Science has observed that it takes up to three months for new habits to become routine. This 3-month coaching session provides you with just that - an evidence-based implementation plan that is built explicitly for y-o-u. This high-touch program is for those looking for professional guidance in implementing creative, strategic routines that gel with your lifestyle and promote long-term gain. At the end of our 12-week pursuit together, you’ll be in peak transformation as you continue to implement your personalized plan towards life-changing success.

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Habitually Healthy Lifestyle Plan

6-month coaching

The holistic approach to your wellness journey. With your 3-month action-plan as a reference and baseline, this 24-week intensive allows us to analyze how your body is responding, and make any necessary tweaks to ensure lifelong sustainability. Together, we’ll assess your progress and add new layers of progression and accountability. You will begin to explore additional wellness areas such as leadership, relationships, professional development, or any other holistic improvements as you desire.

With the mindset of, ‘the better you can take care of yourself, the better you can take care of our world,’ this next-level program is your answer to a healthy life, a healthy mind, and the proficiency to maximize your influence and impact. 

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Group Coaching

This collaborative inner circle leans on the power of one core element - community - allowing you to link arms with other like-minded and motivated young professionals. With weekly live video meetings, you’ll have the opportunity for my guided support, while continually leveraging your community for accountability, stability, and growth. It’s no secret - there is strength (and results!) in numbers. 

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Looking to improve the wellness of your company, department, or team? I’ll work closely with your HR department to identify the wellness needs of your employees. From my research, we will build out an implementation plan that may include anything from yoga classes and meditation options to nutrition plans, energy boosters, or improved resources for your building. Working within your budget to implement the appropriate action plan - whether it’s leading the program myself or organizing third party vendors - I will curate the correct programs, so your employees feel valued, knowing that their well-being is important to you.

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Speaking Engagements

I’m honored to speak at your retreat, mastermind, seminar, event, or group gathering - taking listeners on a journey to improve the landscape of their well-being. My entertaining, visual, and transformative keynote speeches introduce the Habitually Healthy process by informing and motivating attendees innovative ways to live a well-balanced life.
Core wellness topics may include: daily commutes, company culture, morning routine, career, relieving stress, relationships, mindset, support networks - or other suggested topics pertinent to your occasion. 

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Here’s what others are saying…

"As a coach she helps her clients identify roadblocks, overcome them and holds them accountable to help them reach their goals. Sali radiates positivity. Even talking to her for a few minutes about a stressful situation is enough to melt apprehension away. Sali helped me figure out that making a habit of going to the gym right after work would have me going more consistently. Before I knew it I was going every day. I highly recommend Sali to anyone seeking sustainable change and growth.
-Michelle Farazi, Physician Assistant, Chicago, IL


“Sali is an excellent wellness coach. She took my concerns seriously and made her approach personal to my needs and abilities. I felt heard, and never pushed. I made great strides during my coaching time with her!” 
- Teri Conrad, MBA, CPCC, PCC


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