I’m Sali, and I loathe vegetables. 

Yep, says the dietitian and wellness coach. 

And if I can learn to live a healthy balanced lifestyle, then so can you.

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Going to the gym 5 days a week and meditating daily for 30 minutes isn’t always sustainable (or exciting!) for everybody. I help create a personalized holistic plan that keeps you living well - physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally - all on autopilot. 

It’s my mission to help busy professionals like you have the tools, structure, and know-how to live a healthy lifestyle that excites them each and every morning. 

That’s because, having spent so much time in mission-driven not-for-profit spaces, I’ve seen how easy it is to be so passionate about the difference we are making in the world, that we lose sight of our own health and well-being.

Cue the fast-food dinners, skipped gym classes, increased overwhelm and weight, stress on relationships, and declined motivation for any consistent course correction. 

It’s that lingering feeling at the end of the day that life is still good… yet could be better. 

My secret sauce is in creating healthy habits that work for YOU so that you can live your very best life. 

Let’s face it - you want to thrive, not just survive!  

So what’s my story?

It starts in Africa, lands in Iowa & continues on to Chicago. 

As a kid, having to uproot and move between these two vastly different worlds, was a challenge that I don’t wish upon anyone. 

I didn’t speak English. 
I didn’t know a soul. 
And “diversity” wasn’t a valued trait of middle school students at the time.

But life has a funny way of presenting you with options:
a) Find excuses. Give up. Stay unhappy.  
b) Lean into ‘change’ 

I took the latter: the path of opportunity, creativity, optimism, and endless changes.

While trying to settle into my new life in America as a twelve-year-old, I began implementing small but mighty routines into my days. The consistency fed into bigger actions + a new found confidence, which eventually led to feats such as joining sports teams and competing nationally, meeting life-long friends, and becoming HAPPY with where I was and what I was given. 

This was my first taste at how small healthy habits lead to life empowering wins. 

And what does my story mean for you?

It means that I know first-hand how one size doesn’t fit all. 

It means that I’m a fighter for creating holistic plans that fit Every. Unique. Lifestyle. 

And it means that healthy habits leading to a sustainably sparkling life is the answer for you, too. 

Growing up with a dad as a food scientist and my mom a nutrition junkie - I find it perfectly fitting that my calling led me to do this work.  

And more so than any location halfway around the world, I know that being right here with you today, is where I’m happy to call home.  

I have the best boss!

Because as the end of the day, living well, 
is so much more than just making time for the gym. 

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