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Helping professionals find balance and live well

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Go to the gym
Take better care of yourself
Eat healthier… 

You know that little voice inside saying that you should… 

I help create healthy and sustainable habits that align with *keyword* YOUR lifestyle.

So you can live a more energized, healthy, well-balanced life, beginning right now.

Saying buh-bye to that voice. 

As a dietitian, certified health and wellness coach, a leader at the Obama Foundation, member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and a board member of several internationally renowned non-profits - I help champion busy professionals so they can live healthier in the moment, leaving their legacy more profound in the future. 

Hi there. I’m Sali. 

And I take the struggle out of being healthy. 

So many career-driven professionals walk the line towards burnout, illness, weight gain, and discontent. I help them get ahead of that curve by implementing healthy habits to thrive throughout their busy day.

Healthy doesn’t just happen. It’s created. 

Here’s how I can help you get started in creating your most energized, vital life. 


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Here’s what others are saying…

"As a coach she helps her clients identify roadblocks, overcome them and holds them accountable to help them reach their goals. Sali radiates positivity. Even talking to her for a few minutes about a stressful situation is enough to melt apprehension away. Sali helped me figure out that making a habit of going to the gym right after work would have me going more consistently. Before I knew it I was going every day. I highly recommend Sali to anyone seeking sustainable change and growth.
-Michelle Farazi, Physician Assistant, Chicago, IL


“Sali is an excellent wellness coach. She took my concerns seriously and made her approach personal to my needs and abilities. I felt heard, and never pushed. I made great strides during my coaching time with her!” 
- Teri Conrad, MBA, CPCC, PCC


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